Aloha my friends.  Joe here.  Welcome to my travel site.

I’m just a travel enthusiast and blogger currently living life in Hawaii at the moment.  I work in the travel industry here.  And when I can, I get out to see other parts of the world.

My travel stories go back to when I was a senior in college. It was then I had an opportunity to study abroad for a summer semester in Europe. That was my first time traveling internationally and it truly opened my eyes to the world and all there is to see and do. I guess you could say that’s when I got bit by the so-called “travel bug.”

Since then, I’ve always had the desire to go-go-go. I’ve traveled several places throughout the U.S. and a couple of times in Mexico.  And I still have places on my bucket list that I’ve yet to visit, but hopefully will soon.

But when I’m not traveling, I got myself immersed in one of the top travel destinations in the world – Hawaii.  So welcome to my travel site.  And welcome to my life.