Time Away

So this travel site has not been very active lately.  I haven’t been traveling as much and so there hasn’t been much to post.  In fact, I believe the focus of the site has changed.  When I reached Hawaii, I seem to have stopped traveling because I just felt at home.

Hawaii is a big travel destination and tourist spot for a lot of people.  And the job I have in Hawaii is also related to the travel industry.  So I feel a lot more comfortable there.  And I feel that I’m still in that travel environment even though I’m not traveling myself.

This past year, I took a break.  You can call it a career break, a gap year, a leave of absence, or whatever.  The point is, I took a break from my routine life in Hawaii to fly half-way around the world and teach English in Thailand.  This was a great experience for me as it took me outside of the comfortable box that I’ve been so used to in Hawaii and immersed myself into a totally different culture.

Exploring Thailand for a year and learning the ways of their lives has been pretty awesome.  Meeting new friends, tasting new foods, learning a new language, having a new job, and creating a new routine.  It’s all been very interesting and so different from my life in the US.

But now my year away is almost over and it’s time to return to my life back in the United States.  And I can tell you that I have mixed feelings right now about that.  I hate to leave Thailand because it’s such a great country and there’s so much more to explore around here.  Having lived and worked here for a year and not just vacation here gives you a greater appreciation for the place, the people, and the culture.  But at the same time, I’m excited about returning to the US.  And especially to my job in Hawaii.  Having been gone for a year, you have time to reflect on your past and the life that you’re living.  You have time to think about the purpose of your life and the changes you want to make.  I feel that once I return, I will return with a renewed mind and a changed man.  I will be making a fresh start once again.

So if you ever have an opportunity to do something like this, I highly encourage it.  Not only will you gain a renewed appreciation but you will also have the opportunity to push your limits, learn new skills, and apply them in new ways once you return home.

I’m excited for my return to Hawaii and to the job I love.  It will be great to see my co-workers again, meet the new team, and start welcoming the international travelers once again.

A time away can truly make a big difference in one’s life.

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